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FUNRUN JEWELRY 4mm Sterling Silver Celtic Knots Eternity Wedding Bands Rings for Women Size 4-12


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FUNRUN 4mm Sterling Silver Celtic Knots Eternity Wedding Bands Rings for Women Size 4-12

The History about Sterling Silver

The sterling silver was originated in continental Europe in the 12th century. Today, sterling silver is widely used in all kinds of jewelry styles and shines as beautifully as other precious metals, with the benefit of affordable pricing.
Sterling silver is created when combining pure silver with copper at a ratio of 92.5 percent silver to 7.5 percent copper to maintain its durability without harming its sparkle.

Why We Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry

1.Sterling silver jewelry contains plenty of silver ions can kill 650 kinds of bacteria.
2.Sterling silver jewelry could absorb lots of harmful substances which in human body, so you can find the sterling silver jewelry will become dark after wearing a period of time.
3.Because of the excellent heat conductivity, the sterling silver jewelry could emission send out the rest heat in blood vessels to prevent disease.
Pls Care about Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

1.Better not wearing when you are sleeping or showering.
2.Keep dry silver, pls do not wearing when you are swimming, especially in ocean.
3.Yellow have severe silver, with wash the silver water immersion time shoulds not be too long, general several seconds, take it, and then rinse immediately with noodles paper blot.
4.Were wearing don’t also wearing silver jewelry and other precious metals to avoid collision deformation or scratches.
5.Silver should not come into contact with harsh household chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or chlorine.
6.If you are not wearing, pls store silver in a lined jewelry box or pouch.


  • Materials: 92.5% Sterling Silver, 7.5% Copper, Smooth Surface, Health to Human Body.
  • Unique Hollow Celtic Knot Design, a symbol for interconnectedness and eternity for a millennia, Comfort Fit and Catch Eyes.
  • 4mm Wide, 9 Different Sizes to Fit Almost Female Fingers.
  • High Polish Finish, We Promise One by One Checking before We Start Selling, Make Sure You Will Recieve a Perfect Jewelry.
  • Not Only Order Perfect Rings but also Earn 60 days Product Guarantee.