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Earth Accessories Stainless Steel Rounded Organic Wood Stud Earrings


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Earth Accessories is committed to selling organic & eco-friendly products, using suppliers that make a positive impact on the world, and donating a portion of proceeds to wildlife charities. Our sourcing team partners with socially and environmentally conscious suppliers who support local communities by building schools, developing sustainable production techniques, and reducing environmental footprint.


  • Our wooden jewelry partner holds a 2 for 1 policy, where at least two trees are planted for each tree used in production
  • Wooden jewelry is a renewable product, reduces harm from greenhouse gases, and gives the wearer a comfortable feel when worn
  • Trees are grown on sustainable plantations and wood is never taken from rainforests
  • DIMENSIONS: Studs are approximately 3/16 inch (5 mm)
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: Earth Accessories is committed to the best customer service. Please contact us directly if you have issues with your product


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