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BGTY S925 Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Triangle Vintage Love Heart Pendant Necklace


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Celtic Love Knot: As a knot is created by interweaving two individual strands, the Celtic love knot represents the bond between two people. One of the most famous Celtic love knot symbols is the sailor’s knot. Celtic sailors who longed for their sweethearts intertwined two ropes in a knot, and presented it to their loved ones upon reaching home. This symbol became known as the perfect union of two people, which has no beginning and no ending, but only everlasting love. The triple drop love knot is made using three strands, each representing the powerful forces of nature: earth, water and fire. These are united in one continuous interwoven line, representing spirit, being, and strength in unity. Four love knot circles represent the four seasons and their interlocking represents the succession of these seasons. The double lines found running along its edges are associated with eternal love or friendship between two people. The serpent love knot seen in the Irish Book of Kells stands for eternal life. A Celtic square knot is made using a single line that runs continuously and is believed to be the mark of loyalty.

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Package information:

1x S925 Pendant
1x S925 Rolo Chain
1x Silver Cleaning Cloth
1x BGTY Gift Box